We'll see how the game works in early 2017 - that's when Vikings: Wolves of Midgard comes for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Vikings: Wolves of Midgard – We Kings?

We Kings?
Knowing how the developers were behind Unreal Tournament games - as well as Unreal Engine, which will be used in Paragon in its latest version -, we can expect high quality.

Paragon – A waste of effort

A waste of effort
The release date is also starting to take shape: Titanfall 2 has to be out in the next fiscal year.

Titanfall 2 – The mechs are back [VIDEO]

The mechs are back
We can see why Quantic Dream has put the Kara tech demo further to the PS4 - Detroit has some great visuals, so Kara and the other androids will be more lively in the final game. The problem is, we don't know when the game will actually be released yet.

Detroit: Become Human – Are we human?

Are we human?
Tag Team Battles with an AI team-mate (why do we have a feeling that this game was originally developed for the PS Vita?), the Lunar Style allows us to get to the enemies as fast as possible and the other new style of gameplay called Jupiter Style is much more brute force, seeing how the environments are destructible...

Gravity Rush 2: Let’s Fly Back to the Sky!

Let's Fly Back to the Sky!
Which might actually make me hopeful for Destiny 2, if they do not skimp on content?

Destiny: Rise of Iron – Winter is Coming

Winter is Coming
Gran Turismo Sport doesn't seem to have a longer future outside the FIA championships.

Gran Turismo Sport – First Curse?

First Curse?
However, the game seems to be a carbon copy of P.T. from Konami. Did we want this to happen? Perhaps Capcom can make us eat that humble pie.

Resident Evil 7 – How Long Will You Outlast?

How Long Will You Outlast?
As soon as we have more information on God of War, we’ll share on PS4Pro, so stay tuned!

God of War – The Spartan is back. He’s got a kid, and he’s not…

The Spartan is back. He’s got a…