Overwatch will launch on May 24 on PlayStation 4 / PC / Xbox One.

Overwatch – Beta for the weekend!

Beta for the weekend!
The combat is great, albeit frustrating against more than two enemies, and the enemy placement seems unfair at times as you’ll end up dragging four of them in certain encounters.

NiOh – A Copy Of Souls or Devourer of Souls?

A Copy Of Souls or Devourer of…
DOOM Slayers Collection

DOOM – What can you expect in the Open Beta?

What can you expect in the Open…
PREVIEW – Another challenger has appeared in the racing genre. Kunos Simulazioni and 505 Games collaboration are called Assetto Corsa.

Assetto Corsa – Stuck at the starting line?

PREVIEW – Another challenger has appeared in…
Jenny Esson - Seuna is a broken, but a strong warrior.

Hellbalde – Let’s open the gates of Hell!

PREVIEW - Lara Croft, Bayonetta, Nariko and…
Those who want to combat against other players instead of demons I have good news.

Doom – Let’s all be DOOMED again!

PREVIEW - One of the best and…
The game will also have gameplay similar to the franchise, and will be a sequel to Death to Spies: Moment of Truth’s storyline. Sounds exciting right?

Alekhine’s Gun – Ready for Cold War?

PREVIEW – Maximum Games’ next title will…
The Division could be 2016s biggest hit, and it will be especially fun for RPG fans exploring the ruins of New York, looting, and killing bandits.

The Division Closed Beta Impressions – One game, one article, two opinions

PREVIEW – Two of us decided this…
Although the video game market is full of more mature games, Shadow of the Beast seems like a fun game.

Shadow of the Beast (2016) – Not a Shadow of his former self

PREVIEW – Long, long ago in a not…
World of Final Fantasy might be an interesting product of 2016 that aims the younger demographics.

World of Final Fantasy – Chibi warriors

PREVIEW-A new spin-off will be added to…