REVIEW - After a year of exclusivity for Epic Games, Hitman III has finally arrived on Steam, so here's an in-depth test of what the Tar Heads assassin has to offer.

Hitman III – Codename 47 is Back In Action on Steam

Codename 47 is Back In Action on…
REVIEW- Expeditions: Rome the turn-based strategy/RPG continues from the previous episodes but with a slightly broader scope, as players are given more choices. However, if you're not a fan of the franchise, you may not be in Rome for long, which is why Expeditions: Rome is perhaps a divisive game, and that's putting it mildly...?

Expeditions: Rome – Rome Aroma

Rome Aroma
MOVIE REVIEWS - Let's focus on the title as first: The hating game. It could also have called the ‘Heating game’, because it’s a strategic love game with powerful emotions as well.

The Hating Game – It’s Like Game of Thrones

It's Like Game of Thrones
REVIEW - Ubisoft has positioned Rainbow Six Extraction as a cooperative version of one of the most popular shooter games of the last generation. Despite this, it feels like the company’s most bland title in recent memory, taking almost none of the best qualities of its 2015 predecessor Rainbow Six Siege instead of diluting it into a stiff, repetitive and soulless experience.

Rainbow Six Extraction – Better to Extract Yourself From Here

Better to Extract Yourself From Here
MOVIE REVIEW - A prolific crime writer teams up with a hunky homicide detective to track down a killer in this painfully clichéd Netflix murder mystery. While trying to solve a real-life murder, Milano plays a crime writer and decides to dress up in a dominatrix costume to try to "catch" the killer. The Netflix adaptation of the Nora Roberts novel mixes online perversion, murder mystery and a comically total lack of believability.

Brazen – The Discreet Charm Of Stupidity

The Discreet Charm Of Stupidity

God of War – The Greek Demigod Unchained On PC As Well

The Greek Demigod Unchained On PC As…
MOVIE REVIEW - In The Wasteland, set in 19th century Spain, an isolated family is visited by an evil creature who feeds on fear.

The Wasteland – Family horror in the middle of nowhere

Family horror in the middle of nowhere
REVIEW - The heroes of Persona 5 Strikers: the "Phantom Thieves" are not fantastically powerful mutant superheroes, wealthy millionaires or super-soldiers, but ordinary, everyday high school boys and girls who battle a wide variety of horrors in a strange, alternate world called Metaverse. Coming soon to PS Plus, the Japanese action RPG was tested on PlayStation 5.

Persona 5 Strikers – The Phantom Thieves Didn’t Steal The Heart Of The Aggressive Star…

The Phantom Thieves Didn't Steal The Heart…

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