Reviews the last tinker nyito1

The Last Tinker: City of Colors – Filled with colors

If I had to give a bottom… purepool3

Pure Pool – A pool game at its best

Pool is the kind of game which…

Dynasty Warriors 8 Xtreme Legends: Complete Edition – Kill tens of thousands per sec

Tecmo Koei keeps pushing the cart of…
Transformers Devastation is taking the Generation 1 (or G1 for short) Transformers, so if you were a kid in the eighties, you might probably remember the Autobots and the Decepticons' original look!

Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark – Different developer – different result

I think Fall of Cybertron (the latest… wolfenstein the old blood 5

Wolfenstein: The New Order – An Inglorious Basterd

REVIEW – John Carmack, the designer of…
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MotoGP 14 – little improvements

It’s hard to rate MotoGP 14 objectively.… murdered 2

Murdered: Soul Suspect Review – Murdered detective, butchered concept

“I had two guns, and couldn’t take…
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Transistor – Artistic RPG

REVIEW – When this game was announced,…
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Watch Dogs – Shock to the System

REVIEW – “One computer system to rule…
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Child of Light – Light in a Rainy Night of May

REVIEW – I dare to say this:…