According to a recent rumor, there will be no complaints about Resident Evil 8 in terms of game length. Rumors suggest a longer game and more exploration.

Resident Evil: Village: Another Demo Is Coming; Mercenaries Mode Returns [VIDEO]

We also learned the consoles’ target frame…
Indeed, the gaming industry hasn't bothered much with the Aztec lore, and it already makes Lienzo's idea interesting.

Aztech: Forgotten Gods: An Unexpected View Into The Aztec Lore [VIDEO]

Indeed, the gaming industry hasn’t bothered much…
No, we are not talking about multiplayer (we mentioned yesterday that Mass Effect 3 is skipping it altogether), but another DLC.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition: About The Remastering Process [VIDEO]

Electronic Arts and BioWare wrote in detail…
WRC 9 will not aim at just one console generation but two.

WRC 9 eSport Season Recap

Nacon and KT Racing (Kylotonn) are celebrating…
Metal Gear's father, Hideo Kojima claims that his latest game, Death Stranding did not predict the pandemic, and that he's not a prophet.

Is Hideo Kojima Getting Close To Microsoft Due To Sony Turning Him Down?

The previously rumoured Hideo Kojima–Microsoft connection popped…
The head of Xbox has stepped on the pedal to the metal - but he better not wipeout in the next corner.

Is The Return Of Perfect Dark And Fable „So Far Away?”

Gamesindustry’s Christopher Dring also claims that Everwild…
It's sad that we weren't able to see the game in its full glory. Probably, we will never do so.

Did Konami Outsource The Metal Gear Solid IP? [VIDEO]

According to new rumours, the Japanese company…
The new People Can Fly game, Outriders will have multiplayer, but strictly a cooperative one - PVP won't be part of the multiplayer experience.

Outriders: Next-Gen Cross-Play Patch; Crash Dumps Can Take A Lot Of Space On PC

In case you saw People Can Fly‘s…
That bold statement comes from Capcom's producer - Peter Fabiano is believing in Resident Evil 8 very much.

Resident Evil: Village: From The Game’s Map To Mother Miranda

Thanks to IGN, we learned further details…
The Quantic Dream scandal, which started nearly two years ago, is still progressing.

Quantic Dream: Declaring Victory After The Court Cases

The scandal that blew up in 2018…