Going by a tweet, this crossover between the two franchises could happen.

Will Bayonetta Be A Mortal Kombat 11 Character?

Going by a tweet, this crossover between…
Scalebound - The multiplayer was presented at Microsoft's E3 program in the following video.

Is Scalebound Getting Resurrected?

The Xbox One/Windows 10 exclusive that was…
You can play well even if you're 66 years old - GrndPaGaming

Here’s How A Grandpa Destroys Opposition In Apex Legends! [VIDEO]

You can play well even if you’re…

Cristiano Ronaldo Is Taken Off FIFA 19’s Cover Art!

The timing is somewhat bad: Electronic Arts…
The story of Crackdown 3 takes place a couple of years after the last game, and the world has been devastated by multiple attacks by an evil corporation called Terranova.

Crackdown 3 – Nine-Nine Motherduckers!

Nine-Nine Motherduckers!
Once you start to destroy all geometry in the arena, players can no longer rely on that fundamental rule of gameplay. We had to iterate, make mistakes, rebuild, and think about gameplay in a different direction.”

Crackdown 3: Weak Launch Sales?

The United Kingdom can be a good…
BioWare - Anthem - Initially, it seemed like our character might be just gliding, and it didn't seem fun either.

Anthem’s Buggy Cutscenes Are Horrible (And Hilarious)! [VIDEO]

After Mass Effect: Andromeda, another BioWare-game has…

The Outer Worlds Will Offer A Linear Story!

Tim Cain (who helped to create Fallout…
Metro 4 - But things change when Artyom goes to the surface again, but this time, with Anna, because they see a train move through the snowy and cold winter of Moscow.

Metro Exodus – Russian Apocalypse Now

Russian Apocalypse Now
I'd have gladly swapped the format here, but since I do not have an interest in receiving yet another complaint novel, I'm not going to use a dialogue format in how Dangerous Driving isn't exactly something that the Burnout series was on the PlayStation 2 (fine, include Burnout Paradise, too...), as it has a few points that don't give it a high score at the end of the day.

Dangerous Driving: The Burnout Spiritual Successor Gets Release Date! [VIDEO]

Dangerous Driving is coming soon to a…