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It might sound complicated on paper, but thankfully, we have two comparison images that show the 1.00 retail disc version of Red Dead Redemption 2, then the 1.06 patch at the bottom.

Red Dead Redemption 2: A Graphical Downgrade Since Launch?

We rarely see such a thing (but…

Devil May Cry 5 Director Could Have Left Capcom! [VIDEO]

Dante’s English voice actor says that Hideaki…

Dead Or Alive 6’s Free-To-Play Version Is Already Available! [VIDEO]

Team Ninja and Tecmo Koei didn’t need…
Electronic Arts - Will there be cross-play?

Apex Legends Is Already Getting A Scholarship!

Respawn‘s battle royale game didn’t even need…
The Japanese media personality's situation gets worse and worse.

Square Enix Responded To Pierre Taki’s Drug Scandal! [VIDEO]

The Japanese media personality’s situation gets worse…
VR - Microsoft - Next-Gen Xbox - PlatinumGames - Will The Next Xbox Have An Internal Physics Engine? [VIDEO]

Will The Next Xbox Have An Internal Physics Engine? [VIDEO]

The next Xbox machine (or machines?) could…

Back 4 Blood: Left 4 Dead And Evolve Dev Team Strikes Back!

Turtle Rock Studios and Warner announced their…
Sniper Elite 4 - For precision aiming, you must hold your breath back.

Rebellion Announces Four Sniper Elite Projects! [VIDEO]

The sniping continues… „I am delighted to…

Comfort For Couch Potatoes: PC-Xbox One Streaming By Microsoft!

Now we have the chance to stream…

Anthem’s Bug Shenanigans Continue! [VIDEO]

Anthem‘s Reddit has two popular topics at…