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Agony – Go To…

Go To Hell!
Vampyr won't be a weak game - it's going to launch in 2017 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Vampyr – 20th Century…

20th Century Bloodline
The question arises: is it going to be a Front Mission game under a new name?

Left Alive – Alone…

Alone In The Ruins
While playing as a preset character, you have some customization options in how to select six different "disciplines" at the beginning of the game.

Immortal Unchained – A…

A Dark Souls-inspired Shooter Out of Nowhere
The plot will tell what happened 60 years before the events occurred in the aforementioned Until Dawn.

The Inpatient – Psychological…

Psychological Terror on the PSVR
The Evil Within 2 - Instead of a closed environment, with a linear path, the player is now dropped into a hub world called Union.

The Evil Within 2…

PREVIEW - The first Evil Within was one of my favorite horror games of all time. It took many…
Don't expect Borderlands 3 to be out shortly, the development is still in very early stages.

Borderlands 3 – Back…

Back to the Desert!
The graphics are sub par at this point, but maybe after Infinite Warfare which was such a stylish game, it takes the spot light.

Call of Duty WWII:…

PREVIEW – Activision and Sledgehammer have pledged to bring back the good old, authentic and heart pounding Call of…
While playing the first matches, and later playing with Manchester United himself, the changes brought by FIFA 18 reminded me constantly of these two matches and this player.

FIFA 18 – Bigger,…

Bigger, Better, Stronger?
As usual, the information first popped up on the NeoGAF forums that Capcom silently trademarked a game called Monster Hunter World, even in Norway.

Monster Hunter: World –…

The Hunt for Godzilla is On!

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