One thing which is consistently better in Watch Dogs

Kotaku brought up an interesting subject about one crucial thing which actually works a lot better in Watc Dogs, than in GTA V: shooting. Because the traditional auto-aim still remained somewhat the same in Grand Theft Auto V, if you switch it off, the shooting is very imprecise. You don’t have this problem at all in Watch Dogs, where making precise head shots provides great satisfaction.

Since the next-gen version is coming this fall, we really hope that they will fix this aim problem…

Anyway, here’s the original article.

“The open-world Drive&Shoot games Watch Dogs and Grand Theft Auto V have many things in common that they beg a certain amount of comparison. Despite GTA V’s generally higher production values, Watch Dogs handily outdoes it in one crucial way.

GTA V is overly reliant on auto-aim, to the point where if you set the game to manual aiming, zooming in jerks your aim up and makes it difficult to hit anything without first re-calibrating your reticle:


Furthermore, GTA V lacks a persistent reticle (except in the shooting range above), which makes it very hard to line up follow-up shots while in free-aim mode. Meanwhile, Watch Dogs’ shooting works much better:


For all the complaints I have about Watch Dogs, Ubisoft deserves recognition for making the on-foot action handle far better than GTA V. It’s easier to run, easier to corner, and easier to take cover. If only GTA V’s foot-chases and shootouts could handle like Watch Dogs!

It’s a state of affairs that’s even stranger given that Rockstar’s own Max Payne 3 handled even better than Watch Dogs does. And of course, they got the aiming right, too:


We can always hope that the next-gen/PC versions of GTA V will feature re-tuned shooting controls. Failing that, there are always PC mods…”

Via: Kotaku

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