Brand new titles revealed for the PlayStation Experience 2014

We already wrote about how Sony is holding it’s own special event this December for two days. Now Sony has released a few teasers of what’s to come on the indie front.

And wow this is something, at least in terms of how it’s taking games away from the pure PC front.

Here’s a quick list of games that got revealed to be on the PlayStation 4.


From the makers of Neverhood and Earthworm Jim, comes a new clay animated stopmotion adventure game. Which means by default it will be one of the best adventure games released in 2015.


The Banner Saga

A fantasy turn-based RPG with a beautiful art style. The story of the last Viking tribe to save humanity will now reach the PS4 soon in 2015. This is also a must buy for those who are fatigued by the constant FPS shooters.



Another vikig themed story. This time created by a two man development team from Holland. The trailers remind me of good old Diablo 2, but with Vikings, and brighter colors.ps4pro.eu_Kyn-ps4-640x360


An adventure game from Brazilian study Swordtales. Toren is about a child who has to climb a tower to uncover its mysteries.



Roundabout is a wacky car game, where you have to drive a limousine that’s constantly rotating. It also has some weird FMV-s reminiscent of the early 90s. This should be an interesting game to play.


A new indie title in which you get to manipulate gravity. We shall see if this is jut a knock-off of Gravity Rush, or something great !


Lost Orbit

Instead of shooting fast, you’ll have to dodge fast. Lost Orbit is a “dodge em up” as the developers have named their style of play for this new game. You’ll have to avoid space monsters, meteors and death rays with your fast space astronaut.


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