These transparent PlayStation 4 covers look awesome

Last week Sony revealed that they will start selling official PlayStation 4 faceplates (also known as hard drive covers). Unfortunately so far there are only limited numbers available, but if you’re willing to go with a third party manufacturer, your options are a lot better.

Cyber Gadget – which is an accessory maker in Japan – has released their PlayStation 4 hard drive covers, which are see-through in various colors. As the photos show, there is a wide range of colors to choose from, and all offer the user to look at the inside of the console. Or rather, the hard drive.

Cyber Gadget officially calls these “Scratch Guard Cover” — the name comes from the fact that they are not glossy like Sony’s original covers, meaning they are much less prone to scratches (and fingerprints and dust).

Bad news that the covers are unfortunately only available in Japanese stores, but Japanese online retailer AmiAmi owns them as well, and they ship to the United States. The covers cost around 1,400 Yen, which translates to around $12 USD.

Check out some more pics of the covers in various colors below.

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