51 Weapons, 28 Gadgets, 27 New Vehicles in Battlefield: Hardline

“Battlefield: Hardline” is the next installment in the Battlefield franchise. It was supposed to launch in Fall 2014 for last and current-gen consoles, but Visceral Games’ developers at wanted more development time and so the release of Battlefield: Hardline was delayed to 2015.


After the delay announcement, Battlefield series fans barely heard any news about the Battlefield: Hardline, but this has changed today. Steve Papoutsis, the Game Executive Producer revealed some interesting new information about Battlefield: Hardline Q&A via a session on Twitter.

Papoutsis also announced that Battlefield: Hardline will launch with respectable amount of 51 weapons, 28 gadgets and 27 new vehicles. Besides all that, Papoutsis confirmed that the game will come with 7 modes, 9 maps and no co-op in single-player portion of the game.


Finally, Papoutsis wrote that the first details about Battlefield: Hardline beta will be out this Wednesday, and the extra development time helped them improve the game to a large extent: “The game feels smoother, vehicles handle better, e-brake rocks, Modes have been improved, and much more”

Battlefield: Hardline is scheduled to be released on March 17, 2015. This time, the focus is on the inner-city battles between cops and criminals.

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