The recording of the Bloodborne soundtrack – orchestral music

While Dark Souls II is receiving its current generation port treatment (which isn’t surprising at all, as the developers themselves have stated that if the previous generation original edition receives success, then they will port the game over to the current platforms), From Software isn’t lazy at all, because Bloodborne is not far away from the release – it’s a bit more than a month left until we get to see how much did they manage to stray away from the Souls franchise in their PS4 exclusive title.

Of course, they won’t ignore the music – they have a 32-people orchestra to help them record the background music. However, they will also take some help from London, where they will have a 65-people team to record the roughly 90 minutes of music planned to be in the game. No rush over the finalization of the music either, as Chuck Doud, one of the sound engineers at SCEA will give his final touch onto the music to make them sound as powerful as ever. Not bad, not bad…

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