Did Sony finally abandon The Last Guardian?

Team ICO has a game that has had a rough development phase called The Last Guardian. It could be labeled as a tale, because once upon a time it existed and the other moment it didn’t. Seems like the scale is about to move towards the latter direction, as Sony did not request the extension of the trademark.


Of course, this doesn’t mean automatically that the game isn’t being developed anymore, it might just be under a new name (remember how Final Fantasy Versus XIII got renamed to Final Fantasy XV), but this still doesn’t look that promising, especially if we remember that Team ICO announced this game a whopping six years ago, back in 2009…

So what’s going to happen with The Last Guardian? Probably nobody knows, but it’d be sad to see this project fade away… however, it wouldn’t be that big of a surprise after this development hell the project has been through!

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