Destiny players behind an unfortunate 11-year old boy

Nowadays, kids grab controllers (or mouse and keyboard) early in their lives, and it’s pretty much a worldwide thing. Our current news’ topic is an 11-year old boy, who has spent quite some time in Destiny, having created three characters… however, he literally lost control over his progress, as his controller was pretty much taken over online by another player, who went on to delete his characters while the kid could do nothing to stop this. This happened via Share Play, and we can just congratulate this guy, really…

Blond Boy Crying

Fortunately, the Destiny players heard about it and they asked Bungie to do something about it: either ban this person off and hand over his equipment to the unlucky kid, or at least gift the boy with some items as there’s no way to restore the already deleted characters. If Bungie won’t (or can’t) help, the players already offered help in order to help the kid get back to where he was, just to restore his faith in online gaming… there’s still hope in humanity.

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