The first Dragon Ball XenoVerse is in the works already

While we still wait for the release of the game (probably due to localization… after all, it’s not a small game that just can be thrown out without translating), Dragon Ball XenoVerse is already close to receive the first DLC. Based on Akira Toriyama’s manga, this fighter game will focus on Dragon Ball GT in the DLC… and it’s safe to say that the GT series were the weakest out of the triumvirate. The DLC was announced in the Japanese Shonen Jump magazine, but thankfully the text was translated, so don’t worry.


The DLC is going to be out in mid-March with a young Goku, Lunch/Devilman costumes and Final Shine Attack and Spirit Bomb attacks, but expect more of course. I doubt that Dimps will NOT release the DLC worldwide as there’s lots of players expecting to grab the game on day one…

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