Mortal Kombat X: we might play online without PS Plus

An interesting topic has surfaced on a Twitter discussion between people being interested in Mortal Kombat X and its executive producer, Shaun Himmerick. He had a suggestion that regardless of the platform and whether or not an online subscription is active for the player, there should be a possibility to play online with others. Wow! Although there was no official announcement from NetherRealm yet, if it turns out to be true, there could be a huge boost in interest and the „lifecycle” of Mortal Kombat X, because if you don’t need Plus to play online, you might pick the game up more often.

The other news piece is that there might be a Japanese Feudal Age skin pack in the pipeline. It’s been known to us that there will be five skin packs and one of them will be either out on day one or close to it. I’d see Scorpion in a different clothing…

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