Resident Evil 2 Remake? It’s officially announced now! [VIDEO]

Capcom was already asking around on their Facebook page about whether we would like to see Resident Evil 2 receiving a remake or not – seeing the remaster of the first game and the upcoming Zero remaster, it’s no wonder that the feedback was hugely positive. Therefore, Capcom took some ideas from Square Enix and announced that the story of Leon and Claire will receive a remake in the future, but it’s very early in the development cycle right now.

There is a difference though: Zero is a HD remaster, but in the case of RE2, the game would be rebuilt from the ground up, probably changing the original director’s, Hideki Kamiya’s (he’s working on Scalebound at the moment at PlatinumGames) vision. But Shinji Mikami isn’t at Capcom either (he’s at Tango Gameworks, his recent work was The Evil Within), so it’s going to be questionable what the R&D team will be able to put together.

In the announcement video, H, aka Yoshiaki Hirabyashi announces that the fans have been asking for a Resident Evil 2 remake for years, but Capcom wasn’t able to do anything – but now, the team is on it. Let’s hope the game won’t go towards the direction of Operation Raccoon City. We better stop talking right now.

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  1. Nelly Sullivan says:

    Back to the past, again and again….

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