Until Dawn got an interactive trailer as well [VIDEO]

Another upcoming game received an interactive trailer, but this time around, it is the PlayStation 4-exclusive Until Dawn, which is going to be released exactly in one week (pretty much starting up the timeframe of the AAA releases in the process), so we don’t have to wait much longer for the eight teenagers’ surviving, or not-so-surviving adventure.

Supermassive Games worked together with MoFilm to create live action scenes in order to have an interactive trailer prepared for us. This is just the first episode, which is called Choices. It’s the typical affair of a killer scenario, with several outcomes. This is meant to show us that the game is going to have a lot of similar scenes like this, giving us a tough time to decide – it might even be one of the highest points of Until Dawn. What kind of decisions will we make? Will we survive in the end? Play it. (Or watch it… or click it, wait, what kind of verb can be even used for an interactive trailer?)
Next week, we’ll also definitely jump into Supermassive GamesUntil Dawn. Stay tuned, we expect greatness by this title!

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