Call Of Duty Black Ops III Beta – It’s getting late out there

PREVIEW – A new year, a brand new Call of Duty game for our collection, as usual. Activision makes sure that every year the fans of the franchise won’t starve. This time we are getting a third Black Ops game, and most players can finally play the multiplayer beta, enjoying the fun moments.

What is this all about? Patience; that is all comrades. The current beta is so basic that it is sometimes difficult to get into the servers. Even if we are in, our stay is not guaranteed at all, as there are some issues. If we are able to ignore the long loading times, then there is the random server kicks, and the lag – although this mild compared to the last game’s beat. These issues are really frustrating.

Hold on for a minute!

As the world becomes faster, so does the speed of Call Of Duty games become fast every year. In combat the beginner player does not even know where his head is at, and the COD community evolved to a point where the hardcore fans stomp the newbies in a second. Get sniped from cover, killed in a second, or blown up by a rocket launcher from mid-air. These fights are not balanced – as everyone started from zero on day, but now a lot of hardcore players are at the top. So if anyone wants to join the beta now should wait a bit until they join the chaos. Maybe at that point the hardcore player reach the top, and get bored so that the new players can have some fun.

With regards to the speed, and rhythm, we have to remember that unlike EA’s series, COD is an arcade game, and will not try to simulate real life. That is the reason for the fast paced gameplay, and those who are used Eidos Interactive games should not try this .


Those who want to try out the game before release abit, they will not be disappointed as Activision scored a goal on the field of multiplayer modes. The beta gives us three maps, and seven (not a typo, it really is seven) game modes which are the following: Team Deathmatch, Deathmatch, Dominiation, Demolition, Kill Confirmed, Hardpoint, Capture the Flag, and Search & Destroy.

Those who remember the previous beta will probably agree with me that all the testers usually do not need seven modes, as only 3-4 were mostly monitored by Activision. The most played was Kill Confirmed, Domination, Demolition and then the two Deathmatch modes. These would have been enough, but Activision decided to be nice and allowed us to try a few other modes this time.

Redbull + Nachos

If someone decides to try the beta, and is able to get a code, then they will need a little bit of a survival pack. As Black Ops 3 provides an entirely new movement system, and due to this allowed the developers to create new types of maps, so the opportunities are endless. That is why you’ll need some quick drinks and food, as this game will provide the fans of multiplayer games entirely new experiences. We can slide under a table, run on walls, dodge left or right without our aim suffering any bit.

If we are good enough we will be able to do such acrobatic feats while doing headshots that an Olympic athlete would be jealous. The new maps allow these moves to be safely executed, so the game can suck any player in for hours without them noticing it.


ANTI-COD get down!

Those who did not try the Call of Duty games because they like Battlefield where the fights take place in more realistic situations, then I still recommend them trying Black Ops III. While that game is still faster than BF, it is easy to enjoy the rhythm of the game, and play it. Of course players of that game should also play it for fun, otherwise the hardcore players will ruin the experience.

Horse tranquilizers or I will not stop!

The game’s atmosphere will entice the player, and will be able to pick and play the game without any problems. The great music, the sound of guns, running on walls, all of these elements allow the casual players to maximize their potential in combat, and enjoy the firefights. The adrenaline goes to the max, and once we get used to it, we’ll have a hard time putting down the game.

Beautiful round…

The graphics are great, but there were points where not much difference could be noticed compared to the previous game, though it is noticeable at certain parts. The lighting is gorgeous, the particle effects look spectacular, the smoke, fog etc are so great that can be terrifying at certain points. However since we’re nearing the end of 2015 this is a minimum of a Call of Duty.

A great beta, but not as good as we thought!

Black Ops 3 is really great, well at least on the multiplayer front, in a beta phase. What is a bit annoying for me is that only one key change was made compared to the previous year’s game and that is the movement system. We expect more for a yearly title, but I guess that is all we get. The game is good as it ever was, and we will wait for the full game and the Single player mode, which has 4 player coop missions this year.

-Kese- and -Dante-

Which is already promising:

+ The new movement system is top notch
+ Levels are well done
+ Adrenaline-bomb

Which still needs fixing:

– Combat needs a lot fo balance
– Too many useless multiplayer modes
– Few new features


Publisher:  Activision

Developer: Treyarch

Genres: FPS

Publication: November 6, 2015

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