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REVIEW – Telltale didn’t make us wait for a long time and after around two months, they threw out the fourth episode to the public. Escape From Plan Bravo has an insane idea, a painful farewell and a yes/no decision which has the same result – this is pretty much the setup of the episode in the usual quality and style.


Still, Fiona and Rhys are still telling their stories of the past to this still masked, unnamed, armed guy, about whom I had a guess of who could he be, but now my guessing have slightly changed in episode four. Instead, I got another guess of his real personality, which might extremely be farfetched, but who knows? In this episode, the three characters end up in a meteor shower, get to a shelter and tell the story as usual.


Under pressure

So in the end of episode three, Vallory takes over control and we are defeated, but thankfully, we will have the opportunity to let her know where the next Gortys piece is without any kind of violence. We pretty much get back to the starting point of this entire thing, but for this, we will need three things: a rocket (help will be given, and with some good answers, almost instantly), find out the place of the piece (this might get Rhys in troible) and of course planning the entire thing in order to get Vallory nod on it.

There’s going to be a revisit of another former place in a slightly hilarious, yet interesting twist affecting something or someone, but of course, with danger in the way. There’s also a twist that the intro credits and the song (which is repeated in the end, which also has a slight joke, or perhaps a tease of things to come) happen somewhere around 35-40% of the episode.


Space craze

Of course, you won’t get to the next location without complications – although this one didn’t have as a strong effect as seen in other Telltale games, yet, I have to say that this segment of the game does have power in it. Up there, Rhys might not be Rhys, and not even in the way we would expect Rhys to not be in. (Look, it’s kinda difficult to write the two pages of this review for me without spoilers!) So slowly and steadily, we will end up in… okay, let’s be honest, deep shit. Especially after getting off the rocket, because round two starts there.



Handsome Jack gets a huge role here, and if you were having a good relationship with him, he will surprisingly turn very friendly towards you: sure, he might kill everything and everyone (if he was able to), but with those who he is on good terms with, will not be harmed at all, instead, he gives them all they need. This is what will happen between Rhys and Jack. Sure, I had to replay the entire series (I lost my save file, good job, me!), but I was mostly agreeing with him, which ended up Jack showing his friendlier side to me.

In the end, he will wait for our decision after getting the Gortys piece. Whatever we go for, the same thing with happen, but one of the options will have a longer ending compared to the other one. Also, there is no teaser for the next episode in the usual Telltale-fashion. One thing’s sure: whatever we did, Fiona and Sasha will not be on good terms with us going by the image of the fifth episode. Something – or someone – will definitely blow the entire thing right into our face. We did get captured after all…



The music wasn’t to my taste this time around, but it fit the segment of the story perfectly. The voice acting is great, the graphics are alright, but there’s still some minor animation errors here and there, but I think I bring it up every single time. Hopefully we’ll see in the end of October how the crew ended up: Vaughn isn’t going to be with us, plus Vallory’s and an unnamed character’s role might be interesting. Downfall for some, painful landing for some others.
Whatever the case is, that film parody scene in the middle of episode ended up making me laugh for five minutes. This is insane! Great job!



+ Handsome Jack: Friend or foe?
+ A lot of memorable scenes
+ A twist here, a twist there, an action scene there


– Whose idea was that… face segment?
– The music is eh this time around for me
– Not a lot of decisions here


Publisher: Telltale Games

Developer: Telltale Games

Genres: adventure

Publication: 21 Aug., 2015,

Tales from the Borderlands: Episode 4

Gameplay - 9
Graphics - 8.2
Music/Audio: - 8.8
Story - 10
Ambience - 10



Episode four is pretty much a Telltale interpretation of a heist with drama and a stack of humour in it. Bring on the finale!

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