New against old: the first PlayStation joypad and the DualShock 4

We don’t really call this a conversation, but we can still see the first PlayStation‘s original controller (and this didn’t even have analogue sticks!) and the 20th Anniversary, limited release, retro looking DualShock 4 joypad as well. Seeing these two together on one image, the resemblance is really up there. The image was taken by Reddit user Angelmuse.

ps4pro.eu_PlayStation-kontroller 1

The colours and even the buttons are perfectly pulling the 1994 (or 1995 for USA and Europe, but it doesn’t matter) style, although we have to admit that the PS1 original had a Start and Select button, which is really a nostalgic thing to see even for us. Despite two decades passing by, Sony still managed to keep similarities even after three console generations, and that is an absolutely respectable move – although there have been improvements since: analogue sticks, vibration, motion controls, microphone, touchpad, lightbar – these are all appeared, while the DS4 became wireless.

These kind of DualShock 4s cost 65 dollars – a ten above the original price.

ps4pro.eu_DualShock 4

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