Heavy Rain & Beyond Two Souls PS4 release date: „Release date revealed soon”

The existence of a PlayStation 4 port of Quantic Dream‘s two PlayStation 3 games, Heavy Rain (2010) and Beyond: Two Souls (2013) was confirmed during Sony’s E3 conference. Since then, we have seen a few other things about them… for example, it might be released under the name The Quantic Dream Collection digitally and physically. However, no release date was announced. When exactly IS it going to be released?

Quantic Dream said on their Twitter yesterday the following: „Release dates will be revealed soon now” – while this is pretty much an uninformative Tweet whatsoever, in our opinion, it is a sign. We believe that this is going to be revealed during Paris Game Week, where there’s also a big chance of Quantic Dream to reveal their PlayStation 4-exclusive game to us too. With this move, they would hit two birds with a single stone.


Whether this will go out as we wrote or not, it’ll be seen soon, as Paris Game Week is held between October 28 and November 1. Sony will participate in this event for the first time!

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