The savior of lazy people is here soon – The PS4 remote!

The PlayStation 4 can’t be just used for playing games, because it’s regularly seen as a tool to stream Netflix, or watch Blu-ray movies, and so on. For that, using a DualShock 4 is not exactly the best device to handle our console with. Plus, why wake up to turn the console off? Soon, these problems will be solved, as the savior, the PlayStation 4 remote control is going to officially launch soon!

The Universal Media Remote will not only be usable for turning our console on/off (laziness wins yet again), but we can use it for these applications too: Blu-ray Disc Player, Crunchyroll, Funimation, HBO GO, Media Player, NBA GAME TIME, Netflix, NFL Sunday Ticket, PlayStation Video, PlayStation Vue, Twitch and YouTube – these apps will be supported by default, so it’s going to give us more control, while not draining the DualShock 4 quicker than it should.

The remote will connect to the PS4 via Bluetooth, and in the US, it will cost 30 dollars – the launch date for this region is the end of October. Hopefully it’s going to drop by Europe in this year.

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