Electronic Arts: HD remakes, if you run out of ideas!

You can hate or love Electronic Arts, but sometimes their high-ranked officials do have some reasonable comments on current affairs. This time around COO Peter Moore talked about HD remakes and current-gen ports to IGN. Before we would get to what he actually said, we have to say that his comment on this topic is quite sharp and it describes EA‘s stance towards these games as well.

„It feels like pushing stuff out, because you have run out of idea. We’re (EA) a company that just likes to push forward.” And with this comment, we can pretty much agree. Recently we do see a ton of current-gen ports. Although there are some that are reasonable (Grand Theft Auto V, or hell, we can even say The Last of Us), but there are some pointless ports too (Risen 3, ArcaniA), and we can keep listing them. Metro 2033, Dark Souls 2, Darksiders, Final Fantasy games… and even PlayStation-games got this kind of treatment too.

If a high ranking EA officer says things like this, it’s pretty much confirming EA not doing anything similar. However, are there any EA games that should deserve a remake/port?

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