Quantic Dream: PS4 = Better graphics, improved emotions [VIDEO]

Quantic Dream‘s Detroit was announced by Sony during their Paris Game Week conference – and we already guessed it that it is going to happen. After all, David Cage was talking about how a PS4-exclusive title is in progress, but we didn’t think that they will develop the 2012 Kara tech demo further into a proper game.

According to Cage, Detroit will have – another – new 3D engine, and thanks to this, as well as the power of the PlayStation 4, they will be able to implement better graphics, which can in turn improve the emotions of the characters. Obviously, he means the facial expressions, not to mention the better lighting of the areas, also giving more life to these. For example, a main road can now have more cars driving by in the background, and more pedestrians can be seen too behind the character(s).

We can see why Quantic Dream has put the Kara tech demo further to the PS4Detroit has some great visuals, so Kara and the other androids will be more lively in the final game. The problem is, we don’t know when the game will actually be released yet.

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