Zombi: If it wasn’t good enough for you digitally…

What the hell happened to Ubisoft? After Vivendi buying stocks within the company several times, they pulled a somewhat odd move about Zombi. This is the game that was originally a Wii U-exclusive under the name Zombi U, which then got a PlayStation 4/Xbox One/PC port this August under the name Zombi. Even this move made no sense, but Ubisoft took a step further.

The average-at-best game is now going to receive a physical retail release on all three platforms – this means that the French company will spend money on manufacturing discs. Luckily, the game won’t launch in 2015, so you can only get the retail release from January 21, 2016. That isn’t a terrible time to put a game out to the public, and we can see why they went for this day.

Sadly, Zombi‘s biggest issue is the way it got ported: the Wii U original had the GamePad, which gave us a lot of extra information, and the lack of that controller is noticeable in the port. Whatever; boxed game collectors can put another game onto their shelves soon.

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