Game of Thrones: Season Two announced!

Telltale GamesGame of Thrones received its sixth episode earlier this week, and it had a somewhat upsetting ending. We will not spoil it for you. There is a reason behind the way that the game ended, though: Telltale Games‘ CEO, Kevin Bruner confirmed that Season Two of this game is going to happen, so the storylines and our decisions’ effects will continue.

Bruner says that Season Two is already under development, which isn’t much of a surprise: there is a multi-year agreement going on between HBO and Telltale Games. Will this game be the first one to see more than two seasons? (Not even The Walking Dead has pulled a third season off yet, and yes, we still think that it should finally continue…) That wouldn’t be surprising – fans of the TV-show will probably like that.

Will Tales of the Borderlands continue as well? Despite having a very touching ending of the story, we don’t think that the story of Fiona and Rhys is supposed to end that way. Probably there’s going to be a tie-in to Borderlands 3 in the future. That would be awesome.

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