More new details about the Final Fantasy VII Remake

Square Enix opened the taps of information even more for us about the upcoming Final Fantasy VII Remake despite the fact that we heard new details about the game less than a week ago. Oh well, this is still better than nothing, so let’s see what else was confirmed about this episodic format, Unreal Engine 4-using remake. The game’s producer and director, Kitase and Nomura talked about the following details:

– The game will have full voice acting, so new actors are needed for this project.

– The game will censor itself at the Honey Bee Inn. It looks like Square Enix is going to follow the footsteps of Tecmo Koei.

– No other details can be shared with us about the game’s universe, but Nomura doesn’t want Final Fantasy VII Remake to be an open world, sandbox-styled game. In fact, he’s trying to give more detail to the characters and the environments.

– The most popular/requested minigames are going to be included, but there’s a chance that not all of them will be put into the remake.

– The game’s currently in the early stages of development; Currently, Square Enix is working on the combat system.

– We will hear more about the remake after the launch of World of Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue.

It should be a good idea to release the game before the 20th anniversary of the original Japanese release (31 January 2017).

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