Far Cry Primal – Almost an entire hour of gameplay! [VIDEO]

Ubisoft kept their word and held their first Community Stream for Far Cry Primal. In it, we have seen several new elements in the gameplay in this prehistoric spin-off. The video below is almost an hour long, so you better prepare some snacks and drinks if you plan to watch it entirely.

We can ride several animals, making travelling much faster – not to mention we can even go and attack other rival tribes’ locations, too. (This reminded us of Wild for some reason.) The visuals look much better than in Far Cry 4, although we can’t forget that the timeframe and the location of Primal are both different.

The game looks very promising – however, do not expect cooperative gameplay in it. Ubisoft’s explanation for it is the usual focusing on the gameplay itself line. Therefore, it’ll be just you and the countless AI animals that will try to hunt you down (including that bastard skunk).

Far Cry Primal will hit the PlayStation 4 on February 23.

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