PSN outage: Here’s how Sony tries to make up for it!

On January 4, the first work day – for many, at least – of 2016 started slowly. Sony also had some problems as the PlayStation Network didn’t work as it was supposed to. We wrote about that, as well as how Sony tries to make up for the outage by offering deals for the subscribers. We finally got the email regarding this offer, so allow us to share it with you.

In case you own an active PlayStation Plus subscription, you might have already received an email to the address you signed on PSN. The mail comes with a code that allows you to expand your PS Plus subscriptions by (and we are not joking!) ONE DAY. You have to use this code by March 31, or you’re losing the extension.

So let’s recap: PSN died for around 12-13 hours, Sony didn’t explain why it happened, so they try to make up for our loss by giving us the bare minimum of a one-day subscription extension. If it were a week or a month, that would be okay, but this is just incredible. Congratulations, Sony!

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  1. BankaiBullett says:

    You’re seriously complaining at Sony for getting back MORE in subscription time than was lost!?!?
    I suppose you want a free game or two and a £10 PS Voucher to boot…
    Entitled dumbass -_-

    • PS4Pro says:

      Read the end of the article. It’s explained here what we would expect. Dumb ass.

      • BankaiBullett says:

        You mean the most sarcastic of sarcastic ends to an article ever?
        Where the author is basically complaining about how Sony “try to make up for our loss by giving us the bare minimum of a one-day subscription extension.”

        All that does is make the author sound ungrateful and entitled.
        Hows about you write what you mean and write it properly…

        • PS4Pro says:

          How about YOU write politely in the first place? We just used the very word, you used as well. If you meant the article, well, if you read PS4Pro, you get to be used to sarcasm, reviews, news or otherwise. We are not the “grateful” servants of anyone. and that includes Sony as well. That said, I honestly don’t understand what you are crying about so hard. (BadSector)

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