Mirror’s Edge Catalyst – Prepare for the closed beta! [VIDEO]

We’ll be able to participate in a closed beta on PS4, Xbox One, and PC shortly. DICE‘s game Mirror’s Edge Catalyst– which was delayed once previously – will get more details announced about it. We don’t know when and how it’s going to work. You must have an EA Origin account to participate. If you already have one, click here and choose your platform to have a chance to try out Faith‘s adventures before launch.

The EADICE duo didn’t just stop here; they also published a story trailer as well. This video has the usual quality that we have grown used to, but we still have to accept Faith’s redesigned look as it didn’t happen in the past few months. Also, there might be a little too much pre-rendered cutscenes in this trailer. (We might be wrong about this, though.)

We expect DICE‘s latest game to be high-quality. It’s going to drop on May 24. Their recent title, Star Wars Battlefront, was also quite decent, so we’re waiting for Faith‘s return.

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