Microsoft unites its platforms: the „old” Xbox conception is dead!

Microsoft starts to work on pulling off a unique strategy shortly! The Redmond company begins to combine two of their brands into one, giving us the best of both worlds. Console hardware has been fixed in all previous generations. Not in our thoughts – thinks Microsoft.

Xbox is going to be a console/PC hybrid, and both the Xbox One and the PC will run UWAs (Universal Windows Applications). This was announced by none other than the Xbox-boss Phil Spencer. The 2015 news with the Xbox app coming to Windows 10 was a sign of the future then: pointing towards the PC and Xbox running on the same basics.

This announcement is important: it will allow us to retrospectively run older games with no hassle. For example, you can easily just run a 1999 Quake III Arena on a modern PC, but playing the first Gran Turismo on a PlayStation 4 isn’t possible like that.

What will Sony do now? They might end up a step (or several steps) behind Microsoft.

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