Do You Like Cheating? The French Big Brother’s Eye Sees Everything!

Unfortunately, not all games are free from cheaters, who can rig the matches in their favor against fair players. Cheating is present in Rainbow Six Siege as well. Therefore, Ubisoft must make more drastic moves to make its tactical shooter an enjoyable game for those who play normally.

If a cheater is caught and ends up getting kicked from the match, that’s expected. The French company doesn’t want to stop there, though: Ubisoft will expand the criteria to inspect players who cheat. If you don’t play without cheating, you will not only get the boot but also receive a temporary suspension! You won’t be able to destroy matches for a short time. The patch that launched recently focused on the cheat issue. That was just the first step to „cleanse” Rainbow Six Siege.

Despite Siege being out for several months already (since then, the new Ubisoft-star is The Division), cheaters must lose. And also get lost.

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