Director Josh Boone Wants Now Jared Leto as Lestat in the Interview with the Vampire Remake

MOVIE NEWS – Indeed, Josh Boone teased on social media that he requests Jared Leto to be Lestat in his remake of Interview With the Vampire.

While we have no direct confirmation that the Jared Leto will be indeed Lestat in the upcoming Interview with the Vampire remake, the movie’s screenwriter Josh Boone has tweeted out his personal choice for the iconic vampire Lestat de Lioncourt in this impending remake. However, he doesn’t give us much to go on. He only says the following about his possible casting pick.

“Lestat – there can be only one. #JaredLeto.”

Yesterday, we wrote about the long-gestating remake of Interview with the Vampire still moving forward, with writer-director Josh Boone tweeting the cover page to his recently-completed script, which he co-wrote with Jill Killington. The image exposed that the project is based on two of Anne Rice‘s The Vampire Chronicles books, The Vampire Lestat and Interview with the Vampire, even though nothing more is known about the adaptation, or how closely it will stick to these two novels. Now Josh Boone has dropped another tantalizing tidbit through social media, hinting that he wants Jared Leto to star.

The filmmaker went on to expose in another tweet that the project is primarily focused on The Vampire Lestat, which includes Lestat’s perspective on the story told in Interview With the Vampire. Alas, we are not yet aware if this project has actually a green light from Universal Pictures yet, or if they have even officially started the casting. Universal hasn’t issued a release date for Interview With the Vampire, so stay tuned for more updates soon, as it seems this is moving quite fast.

The book of Anne Rice: Interview With the Vampire was adapted into the hit 1994 movie of the same name, starring Tom Cruise as Lestat de Lioncourt, who turns a broken plantation owner named Louis de Pointe du Lac (Brad Pitt) into a vampire after Louis wife is dead. The movie grossed $105.4 million domestically and $223.6 million worldwide, from a $60 million budget. Some eight years later, the second book, Queen of the Damned was also adapted to the big screen, starring Aaliyah as the title character, Akasha, with Stuart Townsend playing Lestat. The movie fared much worse than Interview With the Vampire, taking in $30.3 million domestically and $45 million worldwide, from a $35 million budget.

The project was first revealed in 2014, with Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci producing it for Universal, alongside Imagine Entertainment’s Brian Grazer. It’s still unsure whether this project will become part of Universal’s monster franchise, which Alex Kurtzman is overseeing with Chris Morgan. The monster franchise wasn’t even in the works in 2014; it seems impossible to imagine Anne Rice’s characters crossing over with Universal’s classic monsters, especially since Tom Cruise, who played Lestat in the original Interview With the Vampire, is starring in the Mummy reboot. It’s also worth noting that Robert Downey Jr. was rumored to take over the Lestat character back in 2009.

It’s unknown whether Josh Boone still wants to actually direct this vampire flick since he is also attached to two other high-profile projects. The filmmaker is writing both write and directing The Stand for Warner Bros. and The New Mutants for 20th Century Fox, but it isn’t sure when the shooting filming will commence on either of those projects. We’ll keep you updated as soon as some more details for Interview With the Vampire emerge, so stay tuned on PS4Pro, but in the meantime, take a look at Josh Boone‘s tweets below.

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