World Of 1920+ Invites Us To World War I!

We don’t see many game adaptations of World War I. However; we are glad that someone has taken the necessary steps to fill the gap with an upcoming game called World of 1920+!

Remember Jakub Różalski‘s name: his concept arts that show an alternate world with Polish mechs in the first World War have been so impressive that they will be rolled into a game. The dieselpunk art style will be present in the game that’s in development for PS4, X1, and PC. It’s not going to be related to Scythe, a board game that featured Różalski’s work, though.

We don’t even know what its genre will be. It might have some RTS or RPG elements (or even be an FPS?), but that’s pretty much all we know! No developer was named either. Seeing how Jakub Różalski is Polish, he might be related to CI Games (formerly known as City Interactive), who might either have a developer or publisher role in this future project.

Check Różalski’s work here.

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