Capcom Has Three Major Games This Year?

Capcom recently got back into the spotlight with Street Fighter V, which is available on PS4 and PC – X1 owners miss out on the new fighting game. However, the developers are now looking forward to their next year with high expectations.

They have three major unannounced titles for the business year of 2016 – which ends on March 31, 2017 -, and one of them is going to be a Monster Hunter game. That franchise is mostly popular in Japan. However, this game, as unannounced title 2 has a two-million sales expectation. There’s also another thing that has four million copies expected to be sold. If we add that Street Fighter V isn’t even at 1.5 million yet in about three months, it’s going to be a big bar to jump for Capcom.

The four-million game is possibly a new Resident Evil game. The Japanese told everyone that the 20th anniversary of Resident Evil will be a full-scale offensive, so it might just be Resident Evil 7.

However, big expectations will be harder to complete!


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