How Did Konami Fare In Their Tumultuous 2015?

In 2015, Konami mainly went towards a direction that wasn’t rated positively by Western gamers. They killed Silent Hills, made Guillermo del Toro quit gaming, and they also got rid of Hideo Kojima that had an impact on Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain‘s second half as well.

Despite all of that hassle, Konami had a positive 2015! Their operating profit in 2015 was 24.7 billion Japanese Yen  (~228M USD), which was a 61 percent raise after 2014’s 15.3 billion (~140M USD). This result means that it was worth it for Konami to move towards mobile gaming in the short term! We have yet to see how this shift will work out for them in the long run, though.

What about Hideo Kojima? He had an interview recently with Famitsu – he told the Japanese publication that Kojima Production is working on an action game at the moment. It is not going to be an open-world title, but Kojima believes that if you like modern AAA titles, you will dig his new IP.

We’ll see about that, Kojima.

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