Kanye West: The Life of Pablo – A “Byproduct of War.”

SPOTIFY – In the latest trailer for Assassin’s Creed, a song from The Life of Pablo was heard, and the album itself was a tough task for critics. The album’s first song Ultralight Beam is a tradition destroyer and takes a route that was never done by Mr. West. The lyrics and the themes amazed critics all over the world. The instrumental section is unbelievable, and the „Hallelujah” sections add a huge plus to the atmosphere to the intro.


As we move forward the foundation laid by the first song, it builds ups a momentum, which will serve as a basis for fans of the genre. On the album there is also an old technique that has been not used for a while which is the Auto-Tune effect, who makes Kanye’s voice even better as he sings. Sudden shifts are also prominent on the album, which is for probably to emphasise a new element of the themes. However while the ideas can work great in The Life of Pablo, these sudden beat changes mess up the order and make the entire production chaotic.

Robbanásra kész instruk várják mindazokat, akik Kanye West legutóbbi lemeze, a The Life of Pablo mellett döntenek.

„10000 XP achieved.”

Bombastic instrumentals are going to be waiting for those who choose Kanye West’s latest album. The bass is similar to the late 2000s trends, the effects, and the sounds all assault our ear drums relentlessly. (Of course, that is besides the sudden tone shifts).

The song list is interesting, and all of them are great and ripe with content. The lyrics are not empty one bit, and the songs have their meanings, which is why The Life of Pablo is one of the best Hip-hop album of the past five years. It is loveable with all its faults and interesting. A huge negative though is that unlike with pop music, this genre does not steer the listener to a world they can easily adjust to. Kayne instead mostly sings about himself, plus about some current events. The problem is that while he tries to sing about actualities, it ends up slapping the listener in the face, as we realize that these all happened to Kanye West, and he sings about his ideas, and we have nothing to do with it.

If we would have to figure out why the „Kanye-Feat actuality” concept works so good on the album is because, besides the song’s themes, it also tries to be nostalgic. This nostalgia is reinforced by sound effects / mementos from the „heroic age” of hip-hop, disco rhythms, and cutins. It controls us a bit, but for this album, it is not a problem, as we get a solid album out of it.

„Leveled up!”

It is worth noting that The Life of Pablo has a rather interesting background story. It is a product after an online war fought mostly on Twitter. As to who wins the way, that will only be determined when the main theme song writer of Fast and Furious 6 responds to The Life of Pablo. Before Whiz gets all mighty and tough, he should know that in 2016 there will be another Kanye West debut called Turbo Grafx 16.

We can definitely say that Kanye West started 2016 brilliantly. In all aspects, he has risen to a new level, and developed compared to his previous release. Which is a relief compared to all other musicians who have been in the „field” as long as he, at least Kanye can show us something new. Thank god for that


Kanye West: The Life of Pablo

Music - 8.3
Lyrics - 8.8
Style - 7.9
Innovation - 8.8
Trend - 7.7



The Life of Pablo is a unique album in the hip-hop genre. More radical, and contains elements that are there to be noticed. It plays on our nostalgia, and it becomes one of the best recently released the album in its style. The songs are great, the lyrics are rather spectacular, and work great with the beats of late 2000. The Auto-Tune effects are a bit hit and miss, but it serves a purpose. Kanye West does not disappoint.

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