Taylor Swift: Out of the Woods – She’s not out if it, actually

SPOTIFY – When Taylor Allison Swift started her career, and her first songs was released, the audience thought they get a new, lovely singer with amazing voice. Taylor released her debut album in 2006; then she created another four releases in eight years. There were some correct songs in these publications, and we got some great songs and of course, a lot of weakest productions comes with the releases. Her latest production is “Out of the Woods” which was published in early 2016.


Taylor’s first studio album was the Taylor Swift, and it was published in October 2006. It was a big success because it contained some good tracks from Taylor Swift, like “Mary Song”, “Tim McGraw” and “Stay Beautiful”. The first successes are started Taylor on her road, while he tried herself in the movie industries too. Her first role in a movie was in “Hannah Montana: The Movie”. It wasn’t a big performance, but fans of Hannah are loved Taylor in the production.

A 2016-os évben kézhez kapott Out of the Woods az eddigi legnívótlanabb dal, amit Taylortól hallhattunk.

Two years after we got the other studio album from the singer, called Fearless. The “Love Story” was the most successful song on the album. The audience started to hype her, and this was the reason, why Taylor try to live her life with so many scandals.

On the internet, I found a lot of articles where Taylor Swift was called “Hollywood Biggest Slut” or “the Fakiest Bitch in Hollywood.” Okey, Taylor isn’t an innocent girl from “Mommy’s kitchen”. The best example of this fact is her single “Bad Blood“.

A 2016-os évben kézhez kapott Out of the Woods az eddigi legnívótlanabb dal, amit Taylortól hallhattunk.

Out of the SCALE!

Bad Blood is a great song, but it has a mindblowing theme, which is too strong for a “blameless little girl”. When I listened to it, at first, I was very disappointment because I needed to realize that: the girl who released Taylor Swift and Fearless will never come back.

The transformation is irreversible, and we will never get the same quality, the same amazing songs which were amazing at the beginning of the career of Taylor Swift.

And now, in 2016 we got a new single from the singer of “Love Story“. “Out of the Woods” is a really bad song. It has not any message, and there aren’t appraisable lyrics or melodies. It’s just a cadenced yowl with earsplitting melodies and with senseless lyrics. I don’t know where is the real Taylor Swift, but the slut who sang “Out of the Woods” is not the same girl who released the great “Taylor Swift” “Fearless”, or the fantastic “Speak Now.”


Taylor Swift: Out of the Woods

Music - 6.2
Lyrics - 3.1
Style - 3.7
Innovation - 1.3
Trend - 6.3



If you has the possibility to avoid this song, you should to do it. It's horrible...

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