Black: Blind Faith – „Wonderful Life.”

SPOTIFY – „No need to run and hide, It’s a wonderful, wonderful life”. Is it familiar? There were so many people who lived, and grown up in the 80’s and they will remember these words forever. These simple, but important words have changed the life of people after recently – tragically – departed Black released his first studio album in 1987. This album was called Wonderful Life.


For nowadays it was the most successful release of Black because this contains his best hit ever. For a bit later the audience got another release from Colin (Black’s civilian name) called Black. That was a moderate success, but also a nice try to carry on holding the spotlight on Black.

Colin Vearncombe worked a lot with the company A&M Records. They didn’t just release the singer’s very first album, but they accompanied him on his road from 1987 to 1991. In their last year together, they released a second version of Black’s album “Black”, but it was a big failure. Afterwards, Colin left the publisher, and he has started to work with a new company, Nero Schwarz Records & Various.

A végén pedig három dal jelképezi a lezárást, ezek pedig a When It’s Over, Beautiful és a Parade dalok.

Sounds of harmonic

When I heard Black the very first time, I thought that this man with this incredible voice is the best singer whom I ever known. The Wonderful Life is a fantastic song from Black, and I think there isn’t any person in the world, who never heard it at least once. Unfortunately, the singer of this beautiful song has died recently, but before Black left our planet, he created his last release: Blind Faith.

Blind Faith is a lovely studio album from the creator of “Wonderful Life” with some incredible song. Fans of Black can find “The Love Show” in the first place. It’s a great, melodic track with interesting lyrics and with correct rhythm. In the second place, we can hear “Don’t Call Me Honey”.

A végén pedig három dal jelképezi a lezárást, ezek pedig a When It’s Over, Beautiful és a Parade dalok.

It has faster rhythms, sharper tunes but, unfortunately, less interesting lyrics, but it’s still a good production from Colin. The third track of Blind Fait is “Good Liar”, and I think this is the best track in the latest release of Black. Unusual lyrics, which accompanied an also amazing melody.

In the fourth place of the album, we can find “Sleep Together”. It has stringent rhythm, a bit rigid melody, and third-rate lyrics. It’s a correct track, but there is a lot of problem with it, for example, the annoying beats which are escort the standoffish melodies. The Womanly Panther is another great song. This track got my love at first when I heard it. It has fantastic lyrics and a real tango rhythm. The arrangement is excellent; we can understand how to work together correctly the flute, the violin and, of course, the great drums and percussioA végén pedig három dal jelképezi a lezárást, ezek pedig a When It’s Over, Beautiful és a Parade dalok.

Blind faith, deaf producers

Unfortunately, after some great track, we can find some annoying songs too in the latest release of Black. For example in the 6., 7., and 8., places we got Who You Are, Sunflower, Not The Man, and these tracks can’t convince me about that: the Blind Faith has got 13 songs because all of the tracks in the publication is great and perfect and. No. The noted three songs aren’t great.

Who You Are, Not The Man and Sunflower got the worst lyrics what I ever heard from Black. In the tenth place of the album, we can hear Stone Soup. It’s an excellent creation, but nothing more. I think it’s too simple for Blind Faith

The end of the Blind Faith has three songs, namely: When It’s Over, Beautiful, and Parade. These tracks are great. The first (When It’s Over), is a slow song, with pleasant melody, subtle rhythm and interesting lyrics. Beautiful and Parade songs are also great.

Black knew how to enchant his audience, and his latest release is magnificent. It has some weaker songs, but the fans of Black, and also the fans  of the style will love Blind Faith. It’s a pity that we won’t hear him singing anymore…



Black: Blind Faith

Music - 8.9
Lyrics - 7.6
Style - 7.5
Innovation - 8.2
Trend - 6.8



I use to listening to this style of music rarely, but when I have read the news, and I realized this amazing man has died, I felt I have to listen to his best songs again. Then Bad Sector said me; we should write a small review about Black’s last release, and I think this album is the perfect farewell from the singer of Wonderful Life.

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