[E3 2016] Let’s Snipe Some Enemies On Valentines Day!

Sniper Elite‘s fourth installment joins the ever growing queue of „no, we’re launching in 2017 instead” games.

Rebellion‘s FPS doesn’t want to launch in the final months of 2016, so they decided to push over the game to 2017. Still, the developers chose a somewhat unfortunate day. February 14, 2017 – that day is also the release date for Ubisoft’s new IP, For Honor!

Jason and Chris Kingsley, founders of Rebellion, explained their decision: „When we unveiled Sniper Elite 4 in March, our plan was to launch the game by the end of 2016. However, we now know that Battlezone (another Rebellion project – the editor) will be out in October to support the PlayStation VR. We are a small studio and therefore working on, and releasing two major titles at the same time is not a good thing. We want to give more attention to Sniper Elite 4.”

Mark your calendars, snipers: February 14, 2017; PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC!

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