Telltale’s Batman Gets A Physical Version In September, With A Twist!

Telltale Games confirmed the release day of Batman: The Telltale Series‘ physical version – however, there’s a twist to the story here, which we will mention later.

The digital version of the game comes earlier. Bruce Wayne‘s adventures start in August on PS4, X1, PS3, X360, PC, iOS, and Android. No, there’s no day mentioned yet – Telltale will reveal the day next week. Let’s talk about the physical version then.

It’s going to be available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360, from September 13 in North America, and from September 16 in Europe, respectively. The Season Pass disc is rushed out the door. Let us explain: the disc will have one (yes, ONE!) episode, and you have to download the other four chapters. What’s the point of a physical version, if you don’t get the entire game on the disc?

Telltale‘s choices are weird…

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