Pokémon Go Enters Japan

Pokémon Go is now available in Japan, so Nintendo can see how the local players respond to the game which ended up becoming an overnight success, turning the table in the Big N’s favor in the process.

„Trainers in Japan, thank you for being patient. Pokémon GO is now available to download in Japan!” – This was tweeted a few hours ago on the game’s official Twitter account. There’s also a partnership with McDonald’s Japan: the fast food chain’s restaurants act as hot spots, and trainers can battle each other at these places as well.

Japanese authorities warned players before the game launched. They recommended people to be careful to avoid getting heat stroke, always prepare backup batteries, look at the weather forecast, and most importantly: do not play while walking, especially near train platforms.

Nintendo continues to improve their financial situation thanks to Pokémon Go, and we have yet to see how the local launch will raise their stocks. Today, they ended the Tokyo market day with a 0.8-percent improvement.

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