Quantum Break’s Retail, Steam Versions Delayed!

Quantum Break‘s non-Windows 10 versions on PC got delayed by a little bit.

THQ Nordic, who took the publisher role for the retail and Steam versions of Remedy’s game, announced that they couldn’t keep the original release date of September 14. Instead, they announced the – hopefully final – new day: September 29. Let’s hear their reasoning:

„Due to additional time required for mastering and manufacturing the Quantum BreakTimeless Collector’s Edition for retail, the decision has been made to move the release to September 29. This [delay] concerns both, the Steam version, as well as the retail edition.”

Fortunately, THQ Nordic will not change the pricing and the contents of the retail (or we should rather say collector’s) edition of the game, so it’s not about some development hell.

Quantum Break launched on Xbox One and Windows 10 in April, and we also checked out the game( You can read our review here.).

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