Gears Of War Is Heading To The Silver Screen!

MOVIE NEWS – Microsoft and Universal Pictures have struck a deal – another game franchise is heading to the movies.

Recently, we have heard multiple games/game series getting a cinematic adaptation. Some of them ended up with more success than others. The two companies try to ride this wave with the producing work of Scott Stuber (Ted) and Dylan Clark (The Planet Of The Apes). The Redmond-based company announced their plans during a Gears of War 4 live stream.

According to Variety, the film might not be a direct adaptation of the games’ plots. Therefore, Marcus Fenix might not end up showing up. We don’t know anything else about the cast yet.

Previously, Microsoft tried to push Halo to the cinema about four years ago, but the stillborn project never materialized. (Sony is also in a slump with their Uncharted adaptation, which seems to become the Duke Nukem Forever of the movies…)

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