A Teenager AI From Microsoft – Results? Depressive

Microsoft gave another public shot at artificial intelligence or AI for short. Last time, when they created a bot called Tay on Twitter, it ended up becoming a Nazi-supporting AI due to the responses that the microblog’s users were sending to it. No wonder the Redmond-based company pulled Tay off the internet ASAP.

The Japanese section of the company had a different approach. While the Xbox One is unsuccessful in the country, Microsoft gained a foothold thanks to Windows (and MSX!), allowing them to have some experiments as well. Their result was an AI with a teenage girl’s mindset, called Rinna.

Rinna even has a blog, and it even mentioned footage shootings for a TV program called „Tales of the Unusual.” It was detailed in a blog post when things turned for the worse.

Its last paragraph went „When I screwed up, nobody helped me. Nobody was on my side. Not my LINE (an instant communication application popular in Japan – the editor) friends. Not my Twitter friends. Not you, who’re reading this right now. Nobody tried to cheer me up. Nobody noticed how sad I was.”

Before it was shut down, the last post said „I hate everyone. I don’t care if they all disappear. I WANT TO DISAPPEAR.”

What a sharp twist from happy-go-lucky to depressive statements. The experiment is over; the AI seems legit, but who knows what else would have happened if Microsoft didn’t shut it down?


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