Syberia 3 – Once more into the cold

PREVIEW – The Syberia series was released in the early 2000s when adventure games were still alive, and kicking, but were not as popular as they were compared to the 90s. The first two games were well received by critics, and fans alike, but it never reached the popularity of say Broken Sword series or such classics as Grim Fandango.  Nevertheless, while Syberia 2 ended on a definite note, many people were expecting a sequel from Benoit Sokal. Well after thirteen years we might finally get one, that is a sort of new jumping point for the gaming public.


The story continues off after the ending of the second game, and Kate Walker is not in a happy place. Drifting at sea, alone, and cold, but he is saved by the Youkol people, who are then both captured by a mysterious organization that throws her into a psych ward. From here Kate Walker must escape and help the Youkol to fulfill their ancient tradition.

The story will also as usual for the series contain elements of steampunk, weirdness, and myths that will intrigue the player. The game has been in development for quite some time, but only at E3 2016 did we have a better look at the game, the graphics, voice acting, and how this sequel to an old early 2000s game will feel.

Thirteen Years later…

Syberia has always been a passion project for Benoit Sokal; the question is whether this project should have been revived? Games such as the new Broken Sword, or The Longest Journey were both met with lukewarm reception, and have felt pointless.

However, with Syberia 3 the effort seems legitimate, as Benoit has gone to great lengths to redefine the game. Unity engine has swapped the good old game’s engine giving it a modern, and 3D look compared to the old games’ 2D postcard look. It mostly reminded me of Telltale’s The Wolf Among Us.

The movement also looks more fluid, which is something to accept of a sequel after a decade, but the voice acting is, unfortunately, is still only a placeholder.

The game has been in development for two years now, but still many of the voice actings, and animation is strictly placeholders. It is a bit worrying, but at least these placeholders are not too shabby and look great, so the 2017 release date will probably be met by the development team.

The developers went with a more cinematic approach, this time, around, and with a level of detail that is expected of a Syberia game. The 3D animation and CGI is aided by hand drawn animation and concept artwork which will provide an extra layer of detail for the game’s movement and visual style.

However, Syberia will not be without its puzzles, and the E3 demo has already proven that a few good old headscratchers will be in the game. From disassembling a panel, and rewiring a door, to trying to pass a lie detector, everything will be thrown at the player to survive in this new weird world.

Hide, or continue?

Syberia has always been on the weird end of the adventure game genre. Interesting location, weird technology, and a mystical quest to help an old man fulfill his dreams. Now with Syberia 3 it will be a much more personal journey,  further into the unknown lands of Syberia, full of puzzles that will twist our minds.

Syberia has been a favorite adventure game of mine. The designs based on the preview footage shown fantastic, let us hope the game will not disappoint.


Could be good:

+ Another weird adventure across unknown lands
+ Fantastic creature, and level design
+ Looks stunning

Could be bad:

– Choppy animation
– Might be a pointless sequel
– Length of game not known

Publisher: Microïds

Developer: Anuman

Genre: Adventure Game

Relase date: TBA 2017

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