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Final Fantasy XV came (a decade after the announcement), saw, and it sold like hot cakes in just one day, making the game conquer!

Square Enix‘s JRPG broke a few records in the process as well. In just twenty-four hours, the game sold five million (!) units, which is already an incredible result. Let’s also add the fact that in Japan, it broke the record of day-one digital downloads, as well as the total sales in the Asian region excluding Japan – in the latter case; Square Enix included both digital and physical sales.

Hajime Tabata can already sit back and relax: previously, he said that Final Fantasy XV should reach ten million sales worldwide to be considered as a success by Square Enix. Well, the producer’s game is already halfway there in just a day, and who knows how many copies have been sold since November 29!

(Source: MCV)

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