Look How Until Dawn Looked On PlayStation 3! [VIDEO]

A lot of changes happened since the initial reveal.

Until Dawn took a long way since the 2012 announcement: originally, it was planned to be a PlayStation Move-exclusive title on the PlayStation 3 with a first-person perspective. Everything was changed in this description until it finally hit the stores’ shelves in August 2015 on the PlayStation 4. It became successful enough to receive a PlayStation VR launch title spin-off.

Supermassive Games did not give up, and they finished their game after a few years while readjusting a few (?) things here and there. Just take a look at PtoPOnline’s video which shows off an early prototype. It was (!) Until Dawn four years ago. We don’t have to talk about the differences; they are noticeable.

Throwing the PlayStation Move away seems to have paid off big time for Until Dawn.

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